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Introducing YIYEN Electric Technology Co., Ltd Zhejiang Branch, a renowned manufacturer and supplier of advanced electrical solutions from China. Our latest innovation, the Static Voltage Regulator, is here to redefine stability and reliability in power management.

Designed with cutting-edge technology and crafted with precision, our Static Voltage Regulator ensures a consistent and controlled voltage supply to protect your sensitive equipment from voltage fluctuations, surges, and spikes. With its superior performance and robust construction, it guarantees a smooth and uninterrupted operation, preventing any potential damage or disruptions caused by power inconsistencies.

Whether you need to safeguard your industrial machinery, commercial appliances, or sensitive electronics, our Static Voltage Regulator is your ultimate solution. It offers unmatched efficiency, high accuracy, and a wide input voltage range, making it suitable for various applications across industries. Additionally, our product is backed by a diligent team of experts, stringent quality checks, and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to ensure exceptional performance and durability.

Trust YIYEN Electric Technology Co., Ltd Zhejiang Branch as your trusted partner for reliable and innovative power management solutions. Experience the excellence of our Static Voltage Regulator and elevate your power management system to new heights. Choose YIYEN Electric for unparalleled performance, quality, and peace of mind.

Static Var Generator(SVG-100-0.4-4L-R)

Introducing the SVG-100-0.4-4L-R Static Var Generator! As a leading factory, we manufacture high-quality SVGs for efficient power factor correction and voltage regulation. Shop now!

Advanced Static Var Generator(ASVG-75-0.4-4L-W)

Get superior power factor correction with our ASVG-75-0.4-4L-W Advanced Static Var Generator. As a factory, we deliver reliable and efficient solutions.

Static Var Generator(SVG-15-0.4-4L-W)

Shop the SVG-15-0.4-4L-W Static Var Generator at our factory. Boost power quality, increase energy efficiency. High-performance solution for all industries.

Static Var Generator(SVG-90-0.5-4L-R)

Buy the SVG-90-0.5-4L-R Static Var Generator from our factory. Ensure efficient power usage, voltage stability, and reduce electricity costs.

Active Harmonic Filters(AHF-150-0.4-4L-W)

Manufactured by our factory, AHF-150-0.4-4L-W Active Harmonic Filters ensure efficient power management and reduce harmonic distortion. Order now!

Active Voltage Conditioner (AVC)

Boost efficiency and protect your electronic devices with our AVC. As a factory, we provide reliable voltage conditioning solutions for optimal performance.

Static Var Generator Cabinet (50Kvar-300Kvar)

Shop the highly efficient Static Var Generator Cabinet (50Kvar-300Kvar) at our factory. Increase power factor and reduce energy costs. Order now for reliable solutions.

Active Harmonic Filters(AHF-100-0.4-4L-R)

Experience clean and efficient power with our AHF-100-0.4-4L-R Active Harmonic Filters. As a factory, we offer superior quality and reliable solutions. Shop now!

Advanced Static Var Generator(ASVG-15-0.4-4L-W)

Experience efficient and reliable power control with our Advanced Static Var Generator (ASVG-15-0.4-4L-W). As a factory, we deliver top-notch quality products.

Advanced Static Var Generator (ASVG)

Looking for an Advanced Static Var Generator (ASVG) for your factory? Choose our high-quality product to optimize power factor and reduce energy costs efficiently.

Active Harmonic Filters(AHF-15-0.4-4L-W)

Shop the AHF-15-0.4-4L-W Active Harmonic Filter! As a factory-direct supplier, we offer high-quality and efficient harmonic filters for your power systems.

Static Var Generator(SVG-100-0.4-4L-W)

Experience high-quality static var generators with the SVG-100-0.4-4L-W. Manufactured in our factory, trust us for reliable and efficient solutions. Shop now!

Active Harmonic Filters(AHF-75-0.4-4L-R)

Shop our Active Harmonic Filters (AHF-75-0.4-4L-R) at our factory for efficient power quality solutions. Improve energy efficiency and minimize harmonics.

Active Harmonic Filters(AHF-25-0.4-4L-R)

Shop AHF-25-0.4-4L-R Active Harmonic Filters directly from the factory. Reduce harmonics, enhance power quality & efficiency. Order online now for great deals.

Static Var Generator(SVG-35-0.4-4L-R)

Get high-quality {Static Var Generator (SVG-35-0.4-4L-R)} at our factory. Improve power factor, minimize harmonic distortion for efficient energy management. Order now!

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Introducing our innovative Static Voltage Regulator, a reliable and efficient solution for regulating the supply voltage in various applications. Designed to stabilize voltage fluctuations and ensure a constant and smooth power flow, our Static Voltage Regulator guarantees optimal performance and superior protection for your electrical appliances. With advanced technology and state-of-the-art components, our Static Voltage Regulator offers exceptional voltage regulation accuracy, enabling you to maintain a steady voltage output within your desired range. This ensures that your sensitive devices, such as computers, servers, and medical equipment, receive a stable power supply, eliminating the risk of damage or malfunction caused by voltage spikes or dips. Our Static Voltage Regulator boasts a compact and user-friendly design, making it easy to install and operate in any setting. Featuring robust construction and built-in safety features, it offers reliable performance and long-lasting durability. Additionally, it has a wide input voltage range, allowing it to adapt to different power supply conditions. One of the key advantages of our Static Voltage Regulator is its energy-saving capabilities. By maintaining the voltage at the optimal level, it reduces power wastage and lowers energy consumption, resulting in significant cost savings over time. Furthermore, its intelligent monitoring system continuously tracks the voltage profile, providing real-time data for analysis and optimizing energy usage. Whether you require voltage regulation for industrial machinery, office equipment, or residential applications, our Static Voltage Regulator is the ideal solution. Trust in our product to safeguard your valuable electrical assets and provide a stable power supply, ensuring uninterrupted operation and extended equipment lifespan. Invest in our Static Voltage Regulator today and experience the reliability, efficiency, and superior protection it offers. Upgrade your power management system with our cutting-edge technology and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your electrical devices are in safe hands.

The Static Voltage Regulator is an impressive device that ensures a stable and consistent power supply for all your electrical appliances. With its advanced technology, it effectively regulates the voltage levels, preventing any fluctuations or surges that could potentially damage your devices. This voltage regulator is designed to be static, meaning it remains in a fixed position and continuously monitors the incoming voltage. Its compact and sleek design makes it easy to install and use, without occupying much space in your home or office. What sets this product apart is its ability to provide reliable voltage stability even during peak load conditions. This means you can confidently use your sensitive equipment without worrying about sudden voltage drops or spikes that could cause irreversible damage. Overall, the Static Voltage Regulator is a reliable and efficient solution to safeguard your valuable electronics. With its superior performance and affordability, it is definitely a worthy investment to ensure the longevity of your appliances.

The Static Voltage Regulator is a game-changer for maintaining a stable and reliable power supply. This cutting-edge device is an essential addition to any electronic system. With its advanced technology, it effectively regulates voltage fluctuations and safeguards against power surges, protecting your valuable equipment from potential damage. The compact design makes it easy to install, and its user-friendly interface allows for effortless control and monitoring. Boasting exceptional performance and durability, this static voltage regulator is a must-have for anyone seeking uninterrupted power supply. Say goodbye to power-related disruptions and ensure the longevity of your electronics with this remarkable product.

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